What are Divvy's fees?

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Our Earth Month fees are the lowest you'll find on any crowdfunding platform..

Standard Non-Profit
Platform fees 9% 6%
Earth Month Special! * 4% 4%
Credit Card fees included included

* To celebrate April Earth Month, any projects launched between now and April 30th, 11:59pm get a reduced fee of 4% (including credit card fees: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction)! Happy Earth Month everyone!

WARNING: Most crowdfunding platforms show 'platform fees' and put other fees (such as credit card fees) in the fine print! Divvy's fees are all-inclusive.

What do you get?

100% Green Crowdfunding

Divvy enables projects that enact lasting change for communities. 1 dollar contributed may generate many more dollars of cost savings over time...

Connect with Developers

Divvy is unique for helping you connect to local professionals with the right skills so you can establish your fundraising goal.

Project Gateway

In 5 simple steps, our Project Gateway helps you turn your project idea into reality.

Why does Divvy pay for your transaction fees:

Our mission is to get communities the best possible rate for funding sustainability projects.

Other platforms charge you credit card fees of: 30 cents per transaction, on top of a percentage fee for (usually 2.9%).

This means that you don't really know how much in fees you'll be paying and whether you get enough funds to cover your project cost!

For example: on a $10 donation you would pay $0.59 transaction fees (making the fee 5.9%!). If someone donates $100, you pay 3.2% in transaction fees. So on a platform like Kickstarter (which charges 5% platform fees on top of the credit card charges): if you're raising for a total project goal of $10,000, you can receive anything between $8,910 (in $10 donations) and $9,180 (in $100 donations). That's a big difference!

So instead of making you chip in for the difference, Divvy takes care of it for you.