We Present: ONE ART Solar Project


A family provides for each other, they come together when the community is in need, we form an interlocking web that’s only stronger when pressed.  The most amazing thing happens when a community feels that flame. It's the space around us that reaches heights people never thought possible. Community accomplishments are the most impressive growth, we as individuals will ever be able to achieve. We the people coming together to get shit done. Now come together to build up a space we love, to spread knowledge that needs to be spread, to see the money you donated actually be used in a place that you will use too. 

We're going to make it so all the events at ONE ART are ran 100% on Clean energy! 

We’re asking for a minimum donation of 10 in the hopes that 700 people will donate to the project for a total of 7000$ It won’t be enough to run the whole place, but its a start. So before you buy that 10 dollar drink from the bar, please put your support into something that will actually benefit the community, and the people around you. 


We Present: Community garden build @ One Art April 15th

We Present: Ode to Earth w/ Ott. Psymbionic Cofresi, Charlesthefirst, Goopsteppa Catullus Firespinning, Live painters, Workshops, Glassblowing and more! @ One Art Community Center Apirl 22nd 2 p.m. - 2 a.m.



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Project Initiator:

449alexander buscaglia
Production Director @ We Present: Ode to Earth

I strive to stress the importance of the We in the community. Together we are strong, together we can accomplish big things. I'm dedicated to this project, because i believe it will help the community and spread awareness of how easy it is to build solar projects in our back yards.