Solar for 3 Mariposas Montessori


About "3 Mariposas Montessori"

  • The “3” in the school name represents children, parents, and teachers. Together, 3MM provides the children of La Ciénaga community with the foundation for educational success and a happy and healthy life.
  • 70% of the students live in poverty and attend 3MM on full scholarship.
  • 3MM provides a Spanish/English bilingual Montessori education where early childhood education would otherwise not be available for the majority of families.
  • 3MM students represent a wide range of nationalities, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Goal of the project

To provide greater financial independence by reducing the cost of electricity from 24.6 cents per kWh to essentially $0/kWh.


The school would save almost $7000 in ten years in energy costs which could help educate a child in poverty for six years in 3MM. 

This would reduce the Montessori's carbon footprint by 3375 lbs

Children, parents, volunteers, and community members would experience science and technology firsthand and learn about energy, solar, and environment. 

Your role

VIDA KAYA will provide free installation service and maintenance of the solar panels.

We need your help in purchasing the following:

  • 6 solar panels
  • SMA Inverters                                                                      
  • Schletter Mounting system 
  • Cables 


Sarah Ludwig-Ross, the director of 3MM, agrees with what Maria Montessori once said, "Within the child lies the fate of the future." Sarah believes that children, at the youngest age, should be provided with opportunities to love, respect, and take care of Mother Earth. One way 3MM can grant these opportunities is by using solar panels to provide energy for our school.  

3MM is doing a critical job of providing an educational and safe learning space for the children, parents, and the community of La Ciénaga community.

They very much deserve SOLAR PANELS ON THEIR ROOF! 

Please make it happen for them. 



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Project Initiator:

@ VIDA KAYA - KAYA Energy Group

KAYA Energy Group is a solar company in the Caribbean with almost 25 years of experience, 120 MW installed internationally and 200 installations in the Dominican Republic. We are deeply committed to using solar technology to benefit underserved segments of society and help promote rural electrification. Many communities have limited financial resources and therefore are not able to reap the environmental and economical benefits of solar energy. We hope to harness the financial resources to make