Kingston Organic Waste Recycling


Organic waste, sent to landfill, is devastating. The anaerobic conditions that the waste ends up in creates greenhouse gas in the form of methane. The leachate from the decomposing organic waste leeches back into the ecosystem and poisons both water and land.

My plan is to establish a larger capacity (than my garage) facility that can collect organic waste from Kingston Council business and be diverting it into worm farms and other more beneficial composting practices.

The castings are a soil amendment and can reverse the damage that we are doing to our soils by pumping them full of fertilizer. It can also be used to make "worm tea" that can be used as a drench or sprayed onto plants to inoculate them against disease and discourage harmful bugs from eating plants.


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Project Initiator:

499Adam Jones
Cheif Worm Wrangler @ The Gentleman Vermiculturist

Adam Jones is the Gentleman Vermiculturist. He lives in the suburb of Dingley Village with his wife, two kids, dog, cat and, according to his wife, an alarming number of worms. He uses email and can be contacted at The Gentleman Vermiculturist can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as other social media. He talks incessantly about worms.