DC Micro Grid


Implementing Micro DC Grid in homes, Companies and Telecom sites. This is to fully utilized the solar power generated from Solar shingles/Tiles which will be used in replacement of the roof. With this the Solar shingles/Tiles will be used as roof and power generation, the durability of the shingles is also as the traditional roofing tiles/sheets.

Our Energy storage will support the solar when the sun sets (Evening time) till sun rises, this cycles continue like this all the day. The loads are also designed to be DC powered appliances, since majority of our appliances are DC powered but incorporating converting stage on the panel converting AC to DC for the board to work. We hereby eliminates this stage and powered appliances directly with DC and with this loss in the conversion is prevented, temperature etc.

Also this makes power consumption low. 


Team: DC

Motto: Go Green!!!


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Project Initiator:

451Anthony Bosun Osibajo
Director of Operations @ Anthony Bosun Osibajo

I believe in a simple 5 prong approach to achieving success: 1) Clear Strategy - Determine a steadfast/permanent mission for the organisation or project and making it one's passision to fulfil. 2) Sound Integrity - Knowing your own as well as your organisation's core competencies (strenghts vs. weaknesses). Leveraging the strengths of both in order to maximise performance. 3) Unshakeable Commitment - Establish high but realistic expectations which are tangable and measureable!