How it Works

Divvy up project costs and Green your community!


Divvy For Schools

Love Teaching? Use the Divvy platform to crowdfund green infrastructure for your school and get access to Divvy's Green Curriculum course material.


Connect with Developers

Divvy is unique for seamlessly connecting project initiators with local developers.



Developers can sign up here.



Find Divvy projects that inspire you. Browse for clean energy projects--including solar and wind energy, water conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable waste management--in your neighborhood and around the world. See projects


Fund 'Divs' and leave your footprint. Build clean energy. Support community organizations like schools, community centers, religious institutions, local businesses, and nonprofits in their effort to go green.

Earn Rewards

For your contribution, the community organization will provide rewards. Examples of rewards include student artwork or scientific reports for projects on schools and coupons for projects on local businesses.

Stay Connected

Follow the project through its funding, construction, and operation. Monitor the power production of your Divs with our app (coming soon!) and use the power of social networking to expand your impact.