Teachers: Start a School Community Garden

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Gardens, either outdoors or in the classroom, educate students on a range of subjects from biology and horticulture to nutrition. Students also develop team working skills as they coordinate amongst themselves to grow the plants. The students could cook with the produce in a culinary/home ec. class or bring it home to contribute to the dinner table. A tangential impact of gardening is the exposure of the students to the origins of food, which can possibly mitigate the effects of the childhood obesity epidemic.

Crowdfund for the starting materials to build a garden within your school community. The following kits serve as a starting point, though really the possibilities are endless.

Bee Smart School Garden Kit: includes curriculum materials


Bloomers Garden Kit: above ground gardening kit, includes curriculum


Complete Garden Kit: simple kit



About Divvy:

Divvy enables the development of clean energy projects through crowdfunding. We oversee the fundraising campaign and use social media to promote the project and reach funding goals. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, small businesses, etc.—use the online platform to connect with local and global supporters or Funders. Funders are incentivized with rewards ranging from sentimental student artwork to t-shirts, to recognition. As a plus, donations to projects run by non-profits are tax deductible. Divvy makes your green lessons possible while also teaching students about crowdfunding and the power of community.

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