Teachers: Green Your Classroom

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Here are some ideas for projects you can list and fundraise for on www.divvygreen.com to green your classroom and promote conservation. Start a project today!

Recycle bins (The Container Store, Recycle Away, RecycleBoxBin) → implement a classroom recycling program


LED lighting (Philips, CREE) → see how easy it is to save electricity


Recycled paper (Staples) → increase the sustainability of your classroom printing


Indoor plants in windows → literally GREEN your classroom


Compost bin (Home Depot) → recycle food waste, use compost to fertilize school garden


Smart outlets (Belkin WeMo, Modlet, ecobee) → track energy use, show the data in math class



For starters, the following can be done for free:

Sleep mode → Instead of using a screensaver, put computers in sleep mode  to reduce energy use by 60-70%


Standby energy consumption → Use power strip for classroom electronics and switch off at end of day to reduce standby energy use by 40%

power strip

About Divvy:

Divvy enables the development of clean energy projects through crowdfunding. We oversee the fundraising campaign and use social media to promote the project and reach funding goals. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, small businesses, etc.—use the online platform to connect with local and global supporters or Funders. Funders are incentivized with rewards ranging from sentimental student artwork to t-shirts, to recognition. As a plus, donations to projects run by non-profits are tax deductible. Divvy makes your green lessons possible while also teaching students about crowdfunding and the power of community.



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