Save The Planet Through Education

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Legislation, celebrity campaigns and even natural disasters may increase awareness around sustainability but it’s a slow-going process that is resisted by many. Education from an early age, is the most effective way to create a lasting change in what we consume and how we interact with the environment.

Climate change is a reality and we are already seeing the effects as global temperatures and sea levels rise. Our children’s generation will be faced with even more extreme consequences than ours. Teaching today’s kids about sustainability can not only enrich their lives but perhaps save them as well.

Divvy is dedicated to making sustainable social, environmental, and financial impact through crowdfunding. Whether you teach history, science, math, or art – we can help you incorporate environmental awareness and sustainability into the classroom. Here are a few ideas:

Energy Efficient Lighting:

Unfortunately, many classrooms are still powered by inefficient ‘fluorescent tubes’. The good news is that the lighting industry now makes light tubes that are powered by super efficient LEDs. They save energy, reduce your school’s electricity bill, AND only need to be replaced every 20 years!

You can make a lasting change to your classroom and while teaching your students all kinds of things about their impact on the planet, energy efficiency, math and physics.

Here are some lesson ideas:

  • Figure out how many pounds of CO2 is saved each year by simply changing the classroom’s light bulbs.

  • Make a list of lightbulbs and their usage in the classroom and then calculate how much energy you can save by switching to LED bulbs.

Buying bulbs can be expensive but that’s where we come in. Start a Divvy project that will get your entire community involved by raising the money needed to purchase more efficient LED bulbs.




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Not only does recycling teach kids about natural resources, waste disposal, and their impact on the environment, but it empowers them! Recycling is one small way that they can save the planet.

Here’s a lesson idea:

  • Have students list each item that they encounter at lunch time (i.e. tray, water bottle, utensils, etc.). Have them crunch the numbers to determine just how green their school lunch is.

No recycling bins? No problem! Raise the money you need to build a great recycling center through a Divvy project.

About Divvy:

Divvy enables the development of clean energy projects through crowdfunding. We oversee the fundraising campaign and use social media to promote the project and reach funding goals. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, small businesses, etc.—use the online platform to connect with local and global supporters or Funders. Funders are incentivized with rewards ranging from sentimental student artwork to t-shirts, to recognition. As a plus, donations to projects run by non-profits are tax deductible. Divvy makes your green lessons possible while also teaching students about crowdfunding and the power of community.


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