Save The Planet Through Education (Part II)

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Here are some more project ideas for sustainable classrooms across the US. If you think of more, send them our way!



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From biology to nutrition to lessons about where food comes from, a community garden is an amazing way to teach children about sustainable living.

Sample lessons include:

  • Use compost to teach students about the decomposition process and plant nutrition.

  • Have students calculate the cost of buying the same vegetables in a store. Make sure that they include transportation costs!

We know what you’re thinking – you would need to buy soil, seeds, tools, and more. Sure a lot goes into making a garden but Divvy has you covered. Teach your students about sustainability, fundraising, and community action by starting a project under our ‘Lifestyle’ category and collecting donations from Funders who care about your green initiative.

Solar Power for your School:

Have you ever checked out your school’s rooftop on Google Earth? Virtually all schools are blessed with an immense surface area to install solar panels. Aside from solar power saving to your school big money on its electric bill, this system provides a number of teaching opportunities.

Here’s a sample lesson:

  • Let your students collect data from the last seven days and have them figure out why more solar energy is produced on some days than on others.

Create fundraising teams for each class, have students create cool rewards for Funders and bring green energy to your school! On Divvy, we guide you through the process of getting solar on your roof, connect you with professional installers, and facilitate the fundraising process.



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Bicycles are a low-impact method of transportation that support fitness and overall happiness! Okay we made that last part up but really, try being miserable on a bike…

Suggested Lesson:

How can your class make their community more bike-friendly? Use a Divvy campaign to raise funds for installing bike racks or hosting a bicycle awareness day.

About Divvy:

Divvy enables the development of clean energy projects through crowdfunding. We oversee the fundraising campaign and use social media to promote the project and reach funding goals. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, small businesses, etc.—use the online platform to connect with local and global supporters or Funders. Funders are incentivized with rewards ranging from sentimental student artwork to t-shirts, to recognition. As a plus, donations to projects run by non-profits are tax deductible. Divvy makes your green lessons possible while also teaching students about crowdfunding and the power of community.

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