How to make your School more Sustainable with Crowdfunding

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Source: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, OR-129-C (link)


​Many schools across the U.S. suffer from outdated and resource inefficient infrastructure. Ironically, these are the places where future generations are taught about sustainability… Budget constraints make it difficult for schools to allocate funds for costly energy efficiency upgrades, even though they make sense in the long run. The problem is that these spendings compete directly with the ones supporting core activities, such as new books or computers. In addition, energy or water efficiency upgrades can be very complicated, requiring significant time and effort that is better spent on teaching activities.

Meet Divvy!

Divvy enables school communities to green their infrastructure by crowdsourcing the required capital and guiding them throughout the project development pipeline. Using the power of their community and Divvy’s network of green-minded individuals around the world, schools can implement real sustainable building upgrades and enjoy the associated educational, environmental, and financial impacts for years to come. The primary goal of Divvy is to make it as simple as possible to realize these sustainability projects. The Divvy platform covers a variety of sustainability projects, which generally fall into the following categories:

  • Clean Power (solar and wind power systems)​
  • Energy Efficiency (efficient lighting, HVAC, appliances, insulation, etc.)
  • Water (low flow faucets and toilets, rainwater harvesting, etc.)​
  • Lifestyle (recycling bins, bike racks, green roofs, gardens, etc.)

A simple step-by-step process

The first step in any Divvy project is the identification of a motivated project initiator, typically a teacher or administrator at the school with green aspirations. Upon registration, the initiator enters Divvy’s step-by-step project development tutorial, a.k.a the Project Gateway. If needed, initiators are connected with certified professionals who can bid on the project. Initiators also build the project’s online fundraising page, they can set rewards (student artwork, technical reports, t-shirts, etc.) for contributors, and even create fundraising teams to engage students by adding the element of competition!

Divvy’s crowdfunding interface is unique: funders can literally leave their ‘footprint’ on the project and help unveil the fundraising picture from the canvas. See it in action here!

Visual Crowdfunding

Divvy oversees the project’s fundraising campaign, integrating with social media to push projects to funding completion. Because the contributors are effectively donating the upfront project capital, the school receives the sustainable upgrade at no cost and will benefit from it for years to come. Contributors can stay connected with the school and project through the Divvy platform.

Project by project, our team facilitates schools to bring financial, environmental and educational benefits to their faculty and students by enabling the power of community.

Want to start a project yourself? Register on Divvy and Create a Campaign! Note: Until April 30th, Divvy has fees lower than you’ll find on any crowdfunding platform to celebrate Earth Month!



Mr. Wight (Bronx Design & Construction Academy):

“Divvy provided an easy to use platform that helped us crowdsource our Green Roof Integrated Photovoltaic Canopy project (link) and – most importantly – helped create an engaging and rigorous project that will assist our students in identifying solutions to real-world environmental problems.”

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