Congratulations Mr. Wight!

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We would like to give a shout out to long time Divvy friend Nate Wight. At the end of the summer he was recognized at the White House with the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators for his work at the Bronx Design and Construction Academy. Nate is a teacher who cares deeply for his students. Go Mr. Wight!! Read more on the EPA website!

Nate spearheaded Divvy‘s first successful crowdfunding project. His students needed funds for an experimental solar system to test the synergies between green roofs and photovoltaics. Through his Divvy campaign, Nate was able to procure components for this hands-on technical project and also teach his students about project management, community outreach, and social activism. The potential for similar projects within schools is limitless. You can follow their progress on the Energy-Environment Research Center (E2RC) Blog.

About Divvy:

Divvy enables the development of sustainability projects through crowdfunding. We oversee the fundraising campaign and use social media to promote the project and reach funding goals. Community organizations—schools, religious institutions, small businesses, etc.—use the online platform to connect with local and global supporters or Funders. Funders are incentivized with rewards ranging from sentimental student artwork to t-shirts, to recognition. As a plus, donations to projects run by non-profits are tax deductible. Divvy makes your green lessons possible while also teaching students about crowdfunding and the power of community.

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