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How to make your School more Sustainable with Crowdfunding

Source: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, OR-129-C (link)   ​Many schools across the U.S. suffer from outdated and resource inefficient infrastructure. Ironically, these are the places where future generations are taught about sustainability… Budget constraints make it difficult for schools to allocate...

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Divvy in TechRepublic

Lyndsey Gilpin, staff-writer at TechRepublic interviewed Rob yesterday and wrote an article about crowdfunding of renewable energy business models. Mosaic took the spotlight, of course, but other smaller startups like Divvy were mentioned as well. A picture of Noel and Elton of the...

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Divvy in the News: Breaking Energy

Well…. actually it was Rob in the news along with Divvy-supporter Garrett Fitzgerald. Read about their solar power generator and the awesome work they did providing electricity to the Rockaway community post hurricane Sandy. The system is now divided up into smaller solar...

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Divvy in the News: DNAinfo

“Ultimately, this is all for the kids,” he [Mr. White] added. “We’re talking about the next generation of architects and engineers.” Article by Patrick Wall