Monthly Archive: November 2013

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Solar Panels Mounted Incorrectly??

If you have read one of the many articles circulating regarding: “OMG ALL SOLAR PANELS FACING WRONG DIRECTION LOL”,  then we would like to share some real facts with you.

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Japan Completes World’s First Offshore Solar Power Plant

Almost 2.5 years after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the Japanese tech giant Kyocera opened the first ever offshore solar power facility. The Kagoshima Mega Solar Plant counts 290,000 solar panels, with a nameplate capacity of 70 MW, which will be able to supply electricity for about...

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Offset your personal electricity demand?

Ever wonder what solar power system size an individual would need to offset his/her electricity demand? Building solar on your own property can be inconvenient for many people. Instead Divvy wants to provide everyone the opportunity to  create a virtual solar array by...

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Divvy in the News: Breaking Energy

Well…. actually it was Rob in the news along with Divvy-supporter Garrett Fitzgerald. Read about their solar power generator and the awesome work they did providing electricity to the Rockaway community post hurricane Sandy. The system is now divided up into smaller solar...

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Solar Securitization, Part II

Recently much progress has been made in securitizing solar investments. Soon all investors will be able to incorporate shares of solar projects into their investment portfolio. In doing so, they will receive the low-risk financial benefits solar electricity generation as well as provide...

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Why solar didn’t take off earlier.

Mankind has been using power from the sun for a long time. The ancient Greeks found that they could make use of the sun to keep their houses warm in winter. They built their houses facing due south to maximize the amount of sun...